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I didn't get a job so as to talk about abortion; but such is the workplace that we have to keep ourselves prepared to answer questions on the limitation of the rights of people who have the natural right to produce a son or a daughter, which they may call a choice, which it must have been unless it wasn't; and so we must talk hypothetically about a girl who is newly pregnant and the scenarios by which she may justly say her will played no part in the bringing about of her condition.

And for the sake of being decent we can only pick a team.

And by this time all I can think of is what comes of trying to do the sensible thing, and how being tapped on the head made my life complete.

To keep from making a descent I can but say that I got weary of being required to return to school, avoiding it came with a penalty, and I am back again wondering up and down the corridors looking for the one I didn't notice.

We have to listen to tales of burglary until we commit a crime on our former self.

Those who are monitoring me know who they are; perhaps they might now tell their own story. Decisions as to how to word oneself best so as to include a link without saying, click here, are at times avoided by including links in obvious places; at times, however, when our creative writing is giving new meaning to the word, inhibition, it may be easier to say, click here to get started.

In my lunchbox I once tried to rescue a bird's egg; just in case you're wondering.